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7 things that only Billionaires can buy and you can’t even think of them

Making money is a task and spending it is a different ballgame. If you were a billionaire, how would you spend your wealth? We often wonder about this and think of all possibilities of how a super-rich person would spend his wealth.

Well, billionaires will never cease to surprise us. There are a number of things that billionaires spend on that a common man can’t even think of. The billionaires, who are also referred as the three comma group, don’t need to check the price tag of anything and can buy whatever their hearts desire for.

And if you think spending their wealth for them means a foreign trip every quarter or buying an island, you haven’t even scratched the tip of your imagination.

There are many things only a billionaire can afford and normal people can only get awestruck or disgusted by it.

Here is a list of those things that the super-rich class can afford.

Home Furnishings

Home furnishings

Billionaires, indeed, would like to live an uber luxurious life and sleep well, even if it means spending millions of dollars on a bed. Billionaires can afford and even buy diamond-encrusted wall tiles and $5 million bed. A billionaire can also buy a king-sized bed crafted by British designer Stuart Hughes and Italian furniture firm Nocera Superiore. It is hand-crafted from the finest ash and cherry wood, and has 107 kg of 24-carat gold.

iPhone Case

iPhone case

On one hand where normal people think twice before spending Rs 50,000 on an iPhone, billionaires spend fortunes in just an iPhone cover. This $15.3 million iPhone case is a beauty of solid 24K gold with its home button consisting of a 26 carat black diamond.

Leather Hammock

Leather hammock

Guess the price of the most expensive hammock in the world? Don’t bother, we tell you. Louis Vuitton’s leather hammock is priced at $32,000 and a billionaire can definitely cough up the amount for small privileges in life.



How about bathing in a diamond tub? This free-standing bathtub by Maison Valentina is a high gloss diamond-faceted tub that has a gold-lacquered cast iron basin and gold-plated taps. This is priced at $25,000.

W Motor’s Lykan Hypersport

W Motor’s Lykan Hypersport
This car was sold for $3.4 million. We rest our case.

The Eclipse Yacht

The Eclipse Yacht

Roman Abramovich bought a $1-billion worth yacht. He’s kept safe by bullet-proof glass, rocket detection systems, and the vessel has two helipads, three launch boats, 11 sumptuous guest cabins, an aquarium, 2 swimming pools, there’s even a mini-submarine.

Gold Toilet Paper

Gold toilet paper

This one is epic, even the maker of this gold toilet paper should be lauded for his thinking. This is $1.23 million worth, 24 carat gold flakes, toilet paper.

Source: Business Insider


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