10 Most Influential People in History

10. Joseph Stalin

10. Joseph Stalin.

Who he was: Dictator of the Soviet Union from the late 1920s to his death, who instituted a reign of terror and rapid industrialization of Russia.

Lifespan: 1878 to 1953

9. Sidney Lee

9. Sidney Lee.

Who he was: An English biographer and critic, who contributed over 800 articles to the Dictionary and edited the first folio of Shakespeare’s comedies, histories, and tragedies.

Lifespan: 1859 to 1926

8. Napoleon Bonaparte

8. Napoleon.

Who he was: A French military and political leader, who led the country against a series of coalitions during the French Revolution and Revolutionary Wars and implemented fundamental liberal reforms to the conquered territories.

Lifespan: 1769 to 1821

7. George Washington

7. George Washington.

Who he was: The first president of the US, who led the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and helped draft the US Constitution.

Lifespan: 1732 to 1799

6. Queen Victoria

6. Queen Victoria.

Who she was: Former queen of the UK of Great Britain and Ireland during an age of great industrial and economic expansion.

Lifespan: 1819 to 1901

5. Winston Churchill

5. Winston Churchill.

Who he was: Former Prime Minister of the UK, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in literature, rallier of British people during WWII, and the first person to be made anhonorary citizen of the US.

Lifespan: 1874 to 1965

4. Franklin D. Roosevelt

4. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Who he was: The 32nd president of the US, who led the country during worldwide economic depression, created the New Deal, and defined modern American liberalism.

Lifespan: 1882 to 1945

3. Abraham Lincoln

3. Abraham Lincoln.

Who he was: The 16th president of the US, who led the country through the Civil War, preserved the Union, and abolished slavery.

Lifespan: 1809 to 1865

2. Carl Linnaeus

2. Carl Linnaeus.

Who he was: A Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist who coined the modern system of organism nomenclature (e.g. homo sapiens).

Lifespan: 1707 to 1778

1. Adolf Hitler

1. Adolf Hitler.

Who he was: Austrian-born politician, leader of the Nazi party, and murderer of millions of Jewish people from the early 1930s to 1945.

Lifespan: 1889 to 1945

Source: Business Insider


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